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Which entry requirements does Tunisia have?
Do I need a Visa for Tunisia?
What customs regulations does Tunisia have?
Which exit regulations does Tunisia have?
May I take a laptop to Tunisia?
How long may I stay in Tunisia?

To travel to Tunisia, a passport is required which is still valid at least 6 months after entry date.

For nationals of most western countries (eg. EU, US, UK, Canada, Australia, Russia), it is not necessary to apply for a formal visa in advance for Tunisia, rather a date and time is stamped into the passport when you arrive.

This Wikipedia article gives a map overview about the visa requirements for Tunisia; according to this, visa requirements apply to citizens of many African and South American countries, as well as of some south asian countries.

Citizens of the following countries, who are on an organized tour (package holiday including an hotel voucher) need the national ID card only: Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland.

Customs regulations for Tunisia

Allowed are, when entering Tunisia, for example:
  • 200 cigarettes. Instead of cigarettes, 500 grams of tobacco
  • 1 liter of alcohol with more than 25 percent or 2 liters of alcohol with less than 25 percent
  • 1 liter of toilet water (aftershave, cologne, etc.) or 250 milliliters of perfume

    In addition, for example:

  • 1 portable computer (laptop, notebook, netbook)
  • 1 tape recorder,
  • 1 movie camera (or video camera)
  • 1 camera
  • and other small appliances that are typically used by tourists, e.g. shavers, epilators, small irons, mobile phones
The import of Tunisian currency (Tunisian Dinar) is not allowed!

Although foreign currency can be imported in Tunisia in unlimited quantities, it must be declared on entry (indicated in writing on a form) as soon as it exceeds the total amount of 25,000 Tunisian Dinars.

Strictly forbidden are, for example:
  • obscene and immoral representations of all kinds (pictures, books, videos). This term refers in Tunisia already to bare nudity!
  • Drugs, medicines (except medicines for personal use while on vacation - it is best to bring a medical certificate as proof)
  • Weapons (all types, but allowed are pocket knivees and kitchen utensils)
  • Date palms and henna
  • flying machines with and without camera (for example "drones")
  • dangerous "fighting" dog breeds
  • endangered animals and plants (CITES lists)

Duration of stay in Tunisia

Germans, Canadians and US citizens can stay in Tunisia for up to 4 months as tourists without interruption, citizens of other countries for up to 3 months. The maximum stay per year in Tunisia is 6 months.

Exit requirements for Tunisia

The export of Tunisian Dinars is, as well as their import, not allowed.

Previously exchanged Tunisian dinars up to the amount of 3,000 (three thousand) TNDs can be exchanged back into foreign currency before leaving the country, but only if exchange receipts can be presented (or receipts from withdrawals of ATMs).

Attention! The export of historical objects (such as archaeological finds) from Tunisia is absolutely prohibited and will be severely punished!

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