Electricity in Tunisia

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Which plugs are being used in Tunisia?
Which power plug do I need for Tunisia?
Which sockets are being used in Tunisia?
Can I use US or UK plugs in Tunisia?
Can I operate my electrical appliances in Tunisia?
How many Volt and Hertz does the power grid have in Tunisia?

In Tunisia, the french/belgian plugs (Type E) are widely used.

The US plugs (Type A or B) are non-compatible with the Tunisian plugs, a travel adapter is always needed.

The UK plugs (Type G) are non-compatible with the Tunisian plugs, a travel adapter is always needed.

Although in principle, the tunisian plugs and sockets are compatible with most other European plugs, there is a pitfall. The tunisian plugs and sockets have a grounding hole or pin in the middle, while with many other European plugs, there are two lateral grounding contacts. There are lately numerous plugs in Europe, which have both - the hole and the lateral contacts, and those can be used without a problem. However, in some cases, the geometry still does not match perfectly - and then you will need to buy an adapter and/or supply an extension/distribution outlet.
The Tunisian power grid is similar to that in many other countries that are using 220+ Volts and 50 Hertz specifications.

If you are using any electrical appliance or device in Tunisia, make sure that it can operate in a 220V/50Hz environment (check the manual or the label on the device!) - when it cannot, then you will have to use a transformer device, or the device will be damaged!

Since 2012, power outages and power fluctuations have increased considerably, although tourist areas during the season are usually not affected by it.

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