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Can I marry in Tunisia?
What is Bezness in Tunisia?

The marriage in Tunisia with a Tunisian citizen is easily possible for non-tunisians.
Since 2018, the marriage of a non-tunisian male to a Tunisian woman is being officially registered (and thus fully legal), even if the husband is not a Muslim.

Same sex marriages are prohibited in Tunisia, no matter what nationality or religion!

Because of the multitude of possible constellations and sometimes changing regulations, if you plan to marry in Tunisia, please check on the dedicated web pages of your Embassy in Tunisia about the procedures and needed papers.

The term "Bezness" (also Beznezz, Besness, Bezzness, Beznes, Besnes, Bessness, etc.) in an holiday country is derived from the English word "business" and generally refers to the profit-oriented activity of locals towards tourists with the aim to gain an advantage for the locals, however, by withholding their true motives from the tourist.

In the narrower sense, however, the term refers to the pretention of feelings of love towards women with the sole purpose of obtaining financial or material benefits from her and/or a residency in the woman's home country.

Tunisia is one of the countries (such as Egypt, Morocco, Turkey, Senegal, Nigeria, the Dominican Republic and others) where "Bezness" is, for quite some years, particularly prevalent, especially towards western women.
Special caution and information in this regard is strongly recommended!

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