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Is it dangerous to leave the hotel in Tunisia?
Are there Muslim extremists in Tunisia?
Are there Islamists in Tunisia?
Is it dangerous on the streets in Tunisia?
How safe is it as a tourist in Tunisia?

Currently, the foreign ministries of some countries advise their citizens against all unnecessary travel to and in Tunisia.
Check with your government whether your country is amongst them!

Apart from a few, few areas in the west and south of the country, the situation in Tunisia in recent years has been calm and generally not dangerous to tourists.

- Various protests, mostly strikes that paralyze public transport or other infrastructures, can occur at any time.

- In the territories of the western and southern border of Tunisia, armed groups, commonly referred to as "terrorists" by the state, but mostly consisting of no less dangerous smugglers, are roaming. Here it can come to open fighting with the tunisia security forces and the use of landmines and grenades may occur.

There are Muslim extremists in Tunisia as well as Salafist groups, both of whom, however, rarely make their appearance and primarily focus on state buildings and state representatives as targets, not tourists. There has not been a "terrorist attack" in Tunisia from 2002-2014 and from 2016 on.

On March 18, 2015, an attack on tourists took place in Tunisia at the Bardo Museum in Tunis. The perpetrators fired on tourists who visited the museum, more than 20 people died and almost 50 were injured.
On June 26, 2015, an attack on the Imperial Marhaba Hotel took place in Port El Kantaoui (approximately 15km north of Sousse). The attack claimed 40 lives and 40 people were injured, mostly tourists, making this attack the biggest one on tourists yet in Tunisia.

Current situation in Tunisia

Especially in the tourist areas, namely in the cities of Sousse and Hammam-Sousse, Hammamet and Nabeul, Monastir and Monastir-Skanes, Mahdia, Port El Kantaoui, Zarzis and on the entire island of Djerba, there is (at least in the season months of July-September) a relatively high police presence, tourists there will feel safe.
However, there are still many cases of petty crime, which specifically concerns theft on the streets (eg. driveby theft, pickpockets) and especially trick fraud! Special caution is required!

Ordinary crime
, such as robbery, also connected with assault or (rarely) murder certainly occurs in Tunisia - even when this is rarely discussed in the press with regard to the tourism industry. Such crime is not primarily targeted at tourists, though.

Our Recommendation

In Tunisia you should refrain from night walks on the beach and lonely mountain hikes as well as "drinking tours" in pubs that are only visited by locals.

Do  not carry handbags and rucksacks (instead use a hip bag, belt pouch, inside pockets of jackets)!
Do not show off expensive jewelry, phones, cameras, etc., or even large sums of money!

In Tunisia, there is a special form of crime against western women: cases of attempted or executed marriage / love fraud or "Bezness".

A healthy mistrust and distance to flirtation attempts, as well as in general against all requests for help and proposed "low-cost opportunities" is strongly advised!

Please be sure to pay attention to your government's recent travel warnings on Tunisia and read/inquire about the latest developments in Tunisia forums on the web before and during your holiday!

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