Sending money to Tunisia

bank account transfer, Western Union or Moneygram

How can I send money to Tunisia?
How can I send money from Tunisia to abroad?

There are basically three options for sending money to Tunisia, the direct transfer to a Tunisian bank account and the money transfer with two international services, "MoneyGram" and "Western Union".

With the last two options, the money is deposited at one of the numerous branches of the service in a country -or online- and becomes then available to the recipient within a few minutes in one of the (many) branches in Tunisia, while the transfer to a Tunisian bank account takes about 7-10 days.

The sent money is credited in Tunisia in tunisian currency.

Due to very restrictive foreign exchange regulations, it is only possible in very exceptional circumstances to send or transfer money from Tunisia to another country, e.g. privately in the case of the maintenance of a child studying or to pay an hospital treatment abroad, or, for business companies, by the state specifically authorized companies when purchasing goods abroad.


A very high percentage of money sent to Tunisia by non-Tunisians occur because people are asked or induced to do so by fraudulent false pretenses, especially in friendships and relationships (Bezness)!
It should also be noted that payments not made on the base of business agreements (written and legalised contracts!) are, by the tunisian authorities, likely regarded as being a "voluntary gift" to the receiver!

Money that is "borrowed" is usually not being repaid - the transfer of money from Tunisia is not legally possible for Tunisian private citizens (see above).

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