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What are the sights in Tunisia?
What historical sights are there in Tunisia?

  • Tunisia offers a number of scenic attractions, most of which are related to the southern parts of the country, right north of the Sahara desert.
    There is the sandy desert itself, as well as the salt lake (Chott El Jerid) and the oases.
    In the west of the country is a hilly, rocky and wooded landscape; the highest elevation in Tunisia is 1544m high (Jebel Chaambi near Kasserine, access currently restricted).
    In the north, especially the green peninsula "Cap Bon" in the northeast has to be mentioned, which has a Mediterranean climate, similar to that of southern France.
    Near Bizerte is the World Heritage-protected Ichkeul Lake, which is home to a large number of migratory birds in winter.

  • Some well-known movies have been shot in Tunisia, including some "Star Wars" episodes in the southeast and southwest of the country (Matmata, Tozeur, Djerba), "The Life of Brian" (Monastir, Sousse), or "The English Patient" (Nefta).

  • Tunisia has a rich history and offers numerous archaeological sites, but unfortunately, they are, to a large extent, in a rather poor to very poor maintenance and care state and sometimes hard to spot.
    Finds and excavations mostly come from the Punic (for example Carthage, Kerkouane), the Roman (northern and central parts of the country, El JemDougga, Carthage) or the early Arab period (Kairouan).
Every major city in Tunisia has one or more museums of various subjects.

Due to numerous actions by the security forces against actual or alleged terrorists since 2013, in the areas along the border with Algeria and Libya are, sometimes extensively large, restricted areas. Access to those is only possible with a guide and/or special permission or even not at all.


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