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What time is it in Tunisia now?
Is there a summer time in Tunisia?
Do I have to change my clock in Tunisia?
Is there a "summer time" in Tunisia in 2021?

Tunisia has the same time as most European countries, e.g. Austria, Switzerland, France, Netherlands, Germany or Italy.

The time zone of Tunisia is CET (UTC+1), however, unlike in many other countries, there is no daylight saving time ("summer time") in Tunisia.

Until 2009, Tunisia had daylight saving time established. The stop was justified by the fact that the Islamic month of fasting, Ramadan, falls now into the summer and the begin of darkness (and thus the end of the fasting day) would then be too late.

It is, therefore, to be expected that there will be no daylight saving in Tunisia at least until the month of Ramadan has wandered into the seasons with shorter days.

12 years later, 2021, there is no indication that daylight saving time will be introduced to Tunisia again any time soon, though.

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