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How much tip shall I give in Tunisia?
Do you give dinar or euro as tip in Tunisia?

Tipping is being expected in Tunisia, even for the smallest and unwanted services (which you should definitely refuse to pay!).

With restaurants, taxis, hairdressers, etc. you usually give unsolicited about 10% of the bill to the person who has rendered the service.

With maids and other service providers, however, even in tourist guides there are hardly any recommendations to be found.

The best approximation is to realize that, at present, the average minimum hourly wage, which is paid to most service personel in Tunisia, is about 2 Dinars (about 0.70 USD, 0.65 EUR, 0.55 UKP).

So, a tip of 1 Dinar corresponds to a regular salary for about 30 minutes of work.

Please note: Tunisians are not allowed to exchange foreign currencies with a bank, so you should pay tips in Tunisian dinars.

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