Holiday clothes in Tunisia

tourist clothes on the beach and in the streets

What clothes should I wear in Tunisia?
What is the right clothing for tourist women in Tunisia?
Can I swim in Tunisia "Topless"?
Do I have to wear a headscarf in Tunisia?

Airy and thin clothing is inevitable in summer (from mid-June, July, August, to mid-September), primarily to provide sun protection for the body.

In winter (from mid-November, December, January, February, to mid-March) you should never forget the thick sweater and jacket, if you walking about after dark (after about 17-18 clock) or early in the morning (before approx. 9-10 o'clock).

For tourists, who are mainly in tourist areas and large cities, there is little reason to wear "covered" clothing, T-shirts with spaghetti straps, shorts and mini skirt are part of the street scene, sometimes even with Tunisian women.

Swimsuits like bikini and swimming trunks, which, on the beach, are not a problem, are on the streets, as it is in most holiday countries, inappropriate!

Since 2011, more Islamic tendencies and activities towards the traditional role model of women have been observed, but this is rather and almost exclusively, directed against Tunisian women.

On the other hand, when visiting rural areas and very traditional areas (for example, "Arab" neighborhoods in cities), which are usually not the destination of organized excursions, arms and legs should be covered.

Bathing "topless" for women is forbidden in Tunisia, but is not objected to by some hotels on their premises. On public beaches, however, you can quickly be confronted with annoyed locals or police officers.

"Naturist" (full naked) bathing is strictly prohibited throughout Tunisia!

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