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Do I need a passport to enter Tunisia?
Is an identity card sufficient to enter Tunisia?
How long does a passport have to be valid when I travel to Tunisia?
I have a Tunisian and another nationality, which passport do I need to travel to Tunisia?

To travel to Tunisia, a passport is required.

For travelers from some European countries, who have booked a package holiday (flight and hotel!) an identity card (ID card) may be sufficient as well.

The passport or identity card must be valid for up to 6 months after entering Tunisia.

When you enter Tunisia, you have to fill out an entry card, which contains various information of the tourist are written (name, address, date of entry, etc.).
This entry card has to be present with the tourist at all times, in a police control, the card (and the passport) will be examined.
The entry card has to be returned to the officers at the customs on leaving Tunisia.

The maximum length of stay in Tunisia is 3 months without interruption (exception: Germans, Canadians and US-Americans: 4 months); with interruptions per year a maximum of 6 months.

Attention: If somebody is a Tunisian citizen
(also), he must use a Tunisian passport to enter Tunisia. Tunisian dual nationals are, in Tunisia, considered to be Tunisians ONLY!
By tunisia law, everyone who was born to a tunisian mother or father is - and will always be - considered to be of Tunisian nationality!

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